Graduate School Training:

A number of graduate school programs in psychology use How’s YourFamily Really Doing? as a text or adjunctive reading for educating therapists who plan to work with children, couples and families. We encourage these efforts and are eager to receive feedback about the materials, assessment process and success with the many tools that we offer. We also welcome the possibility of research to further clarify and sharpen our assessment process and evaluate our methods.

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Undergraduate Education:

How’s Your Family Really Doing? could be used as a text in undergraduate classes such as Communication, Relationships, and Family Education. Most colleges offer psychology or sociology courses on Personality, Gender, Sexuality, Healthy Eating, Perception, Cognition. Our vision includes a course on “Healthy Families and Relationships” designed to teach core skills and principles to young people before they form long-term partnerships and become parents.

High School Classes:

For the same reason, we would like to get this information out to teens. Think of the problems and heartache that could be prevented if young people could evaluate what they did and didn’t learn growing up in their families—before creating their own! Ideally, the book and concepts could be integrated into high school curricula in the form of a course that could include an animated series of DVDs—first taking students through the assessment process and then highlighting each of the 10 Keys.