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Winner: The Eric Hoffer Award

Parents who read this book will feel as if Don and Debra are accurately and almost magically reading their and their children’s minds and hearts.  Their creative, and effective interventions flow naturally from this spot-on understanding of parents’ and children’s inner thoughts, feelings, wishes, and behavioral choices.  WHO’S THE BOSS? gives parents innovative tools for asserting control in the family and  raising happy, responsible, resilient, and compassionate children in this time of rapid technological and economic change.  

-Richard Steinberg, Ph.D., Diplomate, Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology

I love this book! It’s filled with practical tools to help get my youngest’s behavior under control. It sets forth the principles with loads of examples to help you understand what’s going on between you and your child. My youngest actually goes to time out when I ask him to now! Amazing! I wouldn’t have believed it just a few days ago. Our relationship has improved and I feel more in control. Thank you for this book!

-Todd McIntyre

This little gem of a book is simple, concrete, and effective! I have had great results in my own work with families, and the parents I work with are grateful, and excited, to have practical methods to use at home. “Who’s the Boss?” is loaded with evidence-based and up-to-the-minute advice — what higher praise can I offer, but, “IT WORKS!”  

-Richard Kravitz, M.A

Clear, specific, easy-to-understand tools and strategies are provided—ideas that can be put into action. And who knew that, in the end, good parenting can be fun?! 

-Deborah Harkin, Ph.D.

It’s truly designed to be win-win so that both the parents and the child are pleased with their progress and changes in behavior. A great gift for parents of children of all ages. A must for any therapist’s bookshelf.  

-Hilary Wells, M.A.

System of positive and negative consequences are outlined to teach kids self-soothing and to build their confidence while providing boundaries and expectations.

-William Hobbs

We are pleased to heartily recommend “Who’s the Boss,” A book by Don and Debra MacMannis, who worked with our family to improve family chemistry, and dynamics. Dr MacMannis’ approach, which draws heavily on common sense, strives to create Win-Win situations benefiting all. Not only did the books approach appeal to us intellectually, but in just a couple of weeks, we noticed a a big positive change in family dynamics leaving us all happier and more optimistic. “Who’s the Boss” not only gave us a better tool kit for dealing with family issues, it gave us a road map for working through problems and improving family chemistry. Thank you!

-Liene Wilke