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The Four Keys to Parenting Strong-Willed Kids

Innovative tools for for raising happy, respectful children
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Discover proven and effective methods to turn things around and set limits in caring, constructive ways.

If you’re pulling your hair out because your child won’t respond to even the simplest of requests, welcome to the club. Millions of parents struggle with kids who are defiant and strong-willed.Nothing can be more infuriating than giving so much to your kids, yet not feeling appreciated or respected. You’ve been hoping they’d grow out of it but now things seem even more out of control. The constant conflict leaves everybody frustrated.

“Why won’t my child listen! We’ve tried everything and nothing works!” 

But there is a way out— a path to turn things around. Like thousands of other beleaguered parents, you too can help your child become more happy and loving, even as they learn to listen better. 

Integrating forty years of clinical practice with the latest findings from parenting studies and brain research, this approach can help you to reduce conflict and have more fun together as a family. Best of all you’ll be able to resign (most of the time) from that role of “bad cop.”

In this 75-minute webinar you’ll learn four important keys to turning things around:

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“These creative and effective interventions give parents innovative tools for asserting control in the family and raising happy, resilient, and compassionate children in this time of rapid change.”  

Richard Steinberg, Ph.D., Diplomate, Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology

“Simple, concrete, and effective! I have had great results in my own work with families, and the parents I work with are grateful and excited to have practical methods to use at home. This program is loaded with evidence-based and up-to-the-minute advice — what higher praise can I offer, but, “IT WORKS!”

Richard Kravitz, M.A., Marriage & Family Therapist

“Clear, specific, easy-to-understand tools and strategies are provided—ideas that can be put into action. And who knew that, in the end, good parenting can be fun?!”

Deborah Harkin, Ph.D., Marriage & Family Therapist

“Loads of examples to help you understand what’s going on between you and your child. My son actually goes to time-out when I ask him to now! Amazing! I wouldn’t have believed it just a few days ago. Our relationship has improved and I feel more in control. Thank you for this program!”

Todd McIntyre, father of a 6-year-old

“Dr. MacMannis’ approach helps parents create win-win situations benefiting all. Not only did the approach appeal to us intellectually, but in just a couple of weeks we noticed a big positive change in family dynamics leaving us all happier and more optimistic. Thank you!”

Liene Wilke, mother of two boys